Mesón Cuevas del Vino was opened in 1964 by Don Narciso Garcia Ortego, a medicine graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid and a winner of many awards from which stand out The International Trophy of Tourism and Hospitality, The Official Gold Badge recognizing the best professional practice and The Silver Medal of Tourism Merit. This last oficial award given to him by the late Ministry of Information and Tourism allowed him to be treated as an Ilustrisimo.

Don Narciso had no previous knowledge of the hospitality world when he started out on this adventure but his drive and determination plus his intelligent and hard working personality allowed that the Mesón Cuevas del Vino, after a few years, would be well known and highly recommended not only at a national level, but also internationally.

Don Narciso passed away in 2001 but our Mesón has never stopped working, always with the same style and system that he created and that lead him to success.

The Restaurant-Museum is located in an old farm estate dating from the late 18th Century. The main activity was once wine and oil production. Different cereal crops were also stored in it, awaiting market, which is why the farmhouse had many different areas, destined to milling, wineries, wine cellars, caves, grain storage and housing, as well as many vineyards and olive groves.

The mills, where oil was pressed, is made up of three rooms. he main area, where the round grind stones are placed was used for grinding the olives, and the room’s namesake are in the middle of the hall alongside the Roman Press; The “Atroje”,where the olives were stored until milled; and The Harvest Room, where the end product was stored awaiting distribution.

The areas destined to wine production, the estate’s main product, occupied a much larger surface… Grape vats for pressing the grapes, the wineries, where the wine was produced and the cellars or caves where the wine was aged.

As well as the former two uses, the estate also had stables, haystacks, several grain warehouses and a blacksmith.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), due to lack of manpower and the destructive effects of the war, production activity at the estate ceased. Later on, oil production was re-established until 1952 when all activity at the estate ceased again and it was closed down.

At the beginning of the sixties the estate was refurbished and the farmhouse was adapted to turn into a restaurant. Mesón Cuevas del Vino opened in 1964. opens its doors the Restaurant – Museum Mesón Cuevas del Vino, as you can see it today.