Curiosities and Anecdotes



Mesón Cuevas del Vino oponed on May 24th 1.964., when it was the only restaurant in the region.

Over the years many famous people have visited us and left their autographs and photographs with us. Orson Welles, Youl Brinner or Rafael Alberti´s autographs, among others, can now be seen around the restaurant.

This emblematic establishment has been used as a set in many films, television series and programmes, as well as in advertisements. We dearly remember “Sex o no sex”, featuring José Sacristán and Carmen Sevilla, and Orson Welles “Chimes of midnight”






You may have heard or seen (in black letters on a yellow brackground) the sentence: “Chinchón: the anissete, the square and the meson”. It becamevery famous in the 1.970.sand was devised by Mr. Narciso García Ortego, who also created the Mesón Cuevas del Vino. It was a difficult time when the name Chinchón was quite unknown; back then the town was merely recognised for the anissete although it attracted no tourist.

The wine cellars of the Mesón Cuevas del Vino could store up to 405.000. litres of wine in their 80 large earthen vats. One must take into account that in the 18th century this was a very large capacity.




Orson Welles visited the town in 1.966. when he was filming “Chimes of midnight”. During the breaks, the famous director would come into the Mesón Cuevas del Vino for lunch, although, given his corpulence, he had to bring an arm chair made to his measurements from his house. He always ordered the same dishes: Chinchón – style beans and grilled rumb steack, which he liked very thick and very rare. After each meal his personal secretary handed him a large cigar.







Another famous actor was also working in the area in the year 1.966. The actor was Youl Brinner and he was filming “The magnificent seven”. When in our restaurant, this wonderful actor, who was also a charming man, enjoyed grilling his own fillet steack and then sitting down to enjoy it at a separate table.








Still in the world of film, another funny anecdote took place while Carmen Sevilla and José Sacristán were filming “Sex o no sex”. In one scene, José Sacristán imagined his co – star was a littlepig in a pot, and Carmen had to wear a leotard, lay in a large pot and let us pour litres of oil over her. The scene was repeated various times and was very funny. We keep it dearly in our memory.




The photograph shows our employees in 1972. We are still using the recipes they used to cook our meals at present, and everyone likes them. The photo was taken in a trip we organized to Cuenca and invited them to lunch.


Rafael Rullán, the famous basketball player for Real Madrid, celebrated his wedding in our Mesón Cuevas del Vino. In the main dining hall, El Molino, there is a large wooden beam one has to pass under in order to reach the rest of the dining halls. Normal people and even tall people (1´90 m.) can usually pass under it with no problem at all. However, that day it was a show to watch all the basketball players walk under the beam. ¡¡Just imagine!!

¿Do the names Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa ring a bell? A few years ago a film called “Alive” was premiered. It was about a true story of an aircraft accident on the Andes that we know as the Andes Tragedy. These two splendid men visited our restaurant and wrote the following message on our vases: “it is worth crossing the Andes on foot to reach Chinchón and the Mesón”. Given the terrible experience they had unfortunately lived through we did not expect them to order grilled rump steack.